Three Legged Stool

Shared Piano Lessons

A 3-legged stool, no matter how strong it’s made out of will not stand if one leg is broken. Each leg is EQUALLY required for it to stand and support weight.

We have an amazing “stool” in our hands. Simply Music is a method that DELIVERS on it’s promise. It will produce students who will develop playing the piano as a natural self expression, students that are able to think critically and problem solve, and students who will enjoy playing as a lifelong companion for the rest of their lives. For this to happen, we have to understand the roles that each leg plays to support the method.

Method Coach (1st Leg)

your Piano Teacher

As your METHOD COACH, we will:

Life Coach (2nd Leg)

the parent or for the adults, you are your own life coach!

As the LIFE COACH, the way you approach music will affect the way your child sees music. If you value music and playing the piano as a great and useful skill to have, you must:

Student (3rd Leg)


During class, the student must:

At home, the student (with the support of the life coach) must: