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For years, there has been a standard that in order to learn how to play the piano, you must first learn how to read sheet music.  This is the traditional way of learning where reading music is the only means to produce results. Or, you either have to be naturally gifted at playing by ear.  We know so many others who have struggled with this because there is so much information to learn in order to play even just one song.  And though that information is broken down into small chunks, it is still a lot for any beginner to take in, both children and adult alike.  It also easily discourages students and takes the fun out of playing.

 As children, we first learned how to talk before we learned how to read.  We instinctively knew how to form words, then phrases, then sentences before we got to pre school to learn how to read and write.  Our way of teaching is based on an amazing program called Simply Music which has shown us the importance of getting our students connected to the piano as fast as possible before anything else.  Our students will be able to play songs sooner than they expect and the more fun they have, the easier it is for them to grasp more advanced concepts and music theories.  

However, we are in no way dismissing the traditional way of learning. As our students learn how to play first (talk first before reading) and feel their connection to the piano, we will slowly incorporate all the reading method.  This process is more efficient and students can play confidently because the technique is taught with clarity and efficiency.  

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