Shared Piano Lessons


I can teach you a song in one to two lessons. You can even do that yourself through YouTube or other apps. But to truly develop a skill and understand music, it takes commitment, practice and guidance from a qualified teacher.

With that in mind, it is best to stay the course and not jump in and out of lessons.

Enrolling in long term regular lessons is highly recommended for your success.

If you need help discovering your commitment level, take our quick “Student Profile” test.

Private Piano Lessons

Playing the piano is an amazing skill, one that you get to have with you for the rest of your life if you choose it! I have met one too many adults who have told me that they wish they stuck with it when they were kids or wish they had the chance to learn it. If you have the opportunity now to enter into this long term relationship with music, TAKE IT!!! It’s a journey that will give you so much joy!

Private Lesson Rates

30 Min. Lesson: $75


30 Min. Lesson 4 Class Package:
$240 (Save $40)


30 Min. Lesson Monthly Recurring
$220/month (Save $60)

50 Min. Private Lessons are by request and subject to availability

Shared Lesson Rates

Monthly Recurring:

Groups of 2-3: 30 Minutes
Groups of 4-5: 45 Minutes
Groups of 6-8: 55 Minutes
*Fee is the same regardless of the class duration.
*For more details on the benefits of shared classes and how it works, click here.

Monthly Recurring Private/Shared Lessons

Fee stay the same regardless of the number of lessons given in a month

Automatically billed on the 1st of each month (Non Refundable)

No contracts, but if studenf wishes to discontinue lessons, a 30 day advanced notice by email is required.

Last month's fee of $220 (Private Recurring/$140 Shared Recurring) is due upon the first month of enrollment

Other Fees

There is a yearly registration fee of $80 per student. This fee helps offset the costs incurred such as softwares used to help with the student's learning process, printing/copying of materials, books and other resources used in class, Simply Music Licensing fees and any other equipment upgrades to deliver the best learning experience possible. Registration fees are non refundable.

Students are responsible for getting the materials needed for the class. SHM (Student Home Materials) are mandatory. Each student must create an account through the Simply Music student portal:
students.simplymusic.com and use the materials according to the teacher's instructions.
While the teacher will have those materials for use during class, it is important for students to have their own so they can have it for practicing at home. SHM are anywhere between $10 - $35 depending on the level and format. Students will need to purchase SHM every 3-4 months.

Late Fees/Returned Check Fee: Any payment received more than 5 days after the due date, as stated on the invoice, will be automatically assessed a $10 late fee, which will appear on the following month’s invoice. Returned checks will be assessed a $20 fee.

Credit Card Fee: There is a 3% Fee for credit card payments. If students wish to avoid this charge, students must choose the ACH Payment Method in the Student Portal.

Referrals & Credits

I could spend money on advertising or I could rely on my students and their families to help me spread the word! How my students have grown and excelled in playing the piano is the best evidence of my teaching skills. If you refer someone directly to me, both you and the new student will benefit from it! Here’s how it works:

Your referred student will receive a one time 50% discount on their 6th month of lessons, whether that's a private lesson or shared lesson. Once the student completes 6 months of lessons with me I will also give you a one time 50% discount on your next month of lessons.

The discount for you as the existing student can show up as a credit on your account (if doing a monthly recurring) or by paying only half of the lesson package fee the next time you purchase one.

***For both parties to receive the discount, new students must mention your name as a referral when they enroll. Credits cannot be applied retroactively.

***50% discount on new student's first month of classes does not apply to those who participated in the Free 5 Lesson Offer.

Learn Piano Online

Shout Outs Are Appreciated

Receive a $5 credit on your account (for monthly recurring students) or a $5 discount on your next package by:

1. Writing a great yelp review for Katz Keys.

2. Posting a quick video of you playing your favorite piece and describing why you love your piano lessons. Post it on Katz Keys Studio on FB and Katz Keys on IG

3. Inviting all your FB friends to “LIKE” my Katz Keys Studio Page on FB. Here’s how:

***Max 3 $5 credits/year

Small business owners like me really appreciate simple gestures like sharing, liking and spreading the word. Your small act of kindness speaks volumes to me. I hope to continue giving quality piano lessons for years to come and you'll help me do so by spreading the word!

***$5 credits are not available to students who participated in the 5 FREE Lesson Offer

Payment Methods

1.) Cash or Check made payable to Kat Dingcong. This option is only available when lessons are taught in person. Do not send check/cash in the mail.

2.) ACH Transfers

3.) Credit Card*

*An additional 3% convenience fee will be charged when when paying through a Credit Card

***All payments must be made PRIOR to the scheduled class.