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We’re having an open mic event on Saturday 4/29 at 9am PST! The morning schedule will provide an opportunity for some of our international students to join in!


We have a group practice session on Saturday 4/8. You can jump in at anytime between 9am - 11am and can stay for as short as 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Use the same zoom link we use for classes.

Remember that practice sessions are a great way for you to ask for help if there are things you need clarification on, and it’s also a chance to meet other students from other parts of the US and the world.

Piano Challenge!

We have 2 more weeks in our "Art of Practice" Piano Challenge!

Keep developing those effective and efficient practice habits!

Let’s get to know ISLA!


I love Isla's progress, not just with her piano playing skills but also with her mindset and excitement towards class! We started off a bit rough with her first 2 classes when she refused to come to class, and now looking at where she's at, I'm so amazed at how much she's learned and how she now also loves coming to class! Keep up the great work Isla!

“Ode to Joy”

Let’s get to know ISLA!

What is your piano goal this year?

"To have fun and see Goose."

Favorite part about piano lessons?

"When we get to share what we're grateful for."

Biggest challenge when practicing? How do you overcome it?

"Sometimes my fingers hurt so I play the keys lighter."

One thing you love about Ronoy, your piano classmate?

"That Ronoy is fun and creative."

Current favorite song?

"Honey Dew"

Favorite song from Simply Music materials?

"Honey Dew"



Twin Piano Players!

Zuzu and Sahar are twin sisters who practice a lot and send recordings regularly. These sisters are not only great at practicing, but they're also great at supporting each other. I love listening to their practice recordings because I can tell that they're helping each other out. And they do that in class too!! It's the sweetest thing to watch!

Zuzu and Sahar, you are both amazing!

Let’s get to know ZUZU!

What is your piano goal this year?

"Fun and enjoyment, personal achievement, foster creativity and bring out my imagination."

What do you appreciate the most about Sahar as your piano classmate?

"Sometimes I'm distracted and I forget a song and my sister always helps me out."

Biggest challenge when practicing? How do you overcome it?

"Not having a teacher to help me out but I overcome it by doing my best."

What do you like about learning piano in a group setting?

"That my sister is always there learning with me so she's there to help me when I'm stuck."

Let’s get to know SAHAR!

What is your piano goal this year?

"To learn piano very well so I can also learn other instruments."

What do you appreciate the most about Zuzu as your piano classmate?

"Zuzu reminds me to focus and also reminds me of my hand placement."

Biggest challenge when practicing? How do you overcome it?

"Remembering new songs."

What do you like about learning piano in a group setting?

"It's good to be in a group because you can ask for help."

Let’s get to know Kylene!


Kylene has an amazing heart, not just for her kids but for so many other kids who are a part of CUPS (Center for Urban Performance and Service). I've witnessed her serve these kids with so much love and dedication for the last 16 years since I've known her. Thank you Kylene for all you do! You make such a lasting impact on the lives of every child that Goes to CUPS!

A little treat!

Watch out for a Gift Card in your inbox!

Let’s get to know Kylene!

Favorite part about being a mom?

"Being able to share in the joys, triumphs and also challenges that my kids face."

Favorite part about helping Silas with his piano practice?

"Telling him to do it again and again and again 😉 But also just listening to the house being filled with beautiful music and watching him be silly."

How has learning piano contributed to Silas' well being as he's growing, up?

"It teaches him how to be committed to something, how to be faithful, how to press in when things are hard. He's very athletic and I love that piano gives him that softer side."

What do you like to do for fun ("me time")?

"Binge watching a good TV show, reading the word and spending time with family."

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