Refunds & Cancellation

Shared Piano Lessons


For Short Term Students:
(Applies to students who pay for individual classes or purchase class packages)

  • Every student reserves the right to terminate their class packages. However, refunds of any amount are NOT available if a student has already used up 4 out of an 8 class package and 2 out of a 4 class package. Students that need to terminate their class package MUST send a written notice by email prior to taking class 4 in an 8 class package and class 2 in a 4 class package.
  • Students who can’t make it to their scheduled time must give two hours prior notice. Students will be charged the full lesson fee if cancellation notices are given past the two hour mark.
  • No show students will also be charged the full lesson fee.

For Long Term Students:
(Applies to monthly recurring and one year pre pay students)

  • All monthly recurring fees will be charged on the 28th of the month. Students can cancel their monthly recurring payment with one month's advance notice by sending an email request. There will be no refunds on the registration fee for monthly recurring students who wish to discontinue classes.
  • There are no make up lessons or refunds for any missed classes.
  • Students are free to discontinue lessons at any time, for any reason. However, as an encouragement to honor music lessons as a long-term commitment, I do not refund any fees paid in advance.

Teacher Absences

  • I am a working entertainer and my schedule may change due to bookings that come up. I have auditions that come up last minute and sometimes I have to be out of town for certain jobs. To be fair, for every instance where I have to reschedule a class DUE TO an audition or a job booking, I will teach an extra FREE class.
  • I will do my best to give my students ample time (at the very least, 2 hours prior to the scheduled class time) if I have to cancel. Most of the time, I will know in advance if I have an audition or a booking so I’m more likely able to give 24-48 hours notice. If I cancel, I will reschedule you for the next soonest available time that fits both our schedules.
  • If I cannot teach class due to illness or a valid family emergency (accidents, illness, death), I will always make an effort to reschedule the class at the time that works best for both the students and I. I will not however offer an extra free class as that offer only pertains to missed class due to auditions/job bookings.
  • Communication is key! Communicate things clearly as soon and as possible to avoid any confusion. My rule of thumb is, respect my time and I’ll respect yours!