Resonating Resilience

A Melodic Recap of 2023!

My dear students and families,

As we approach the end of this remarkable year, I find myself reflecting on the extraordinary journey we've shared together.

This year, marked by growth, discovery, and the transformative power of music, has left a mark on my heart.

Turning 40 brought me to Vienna Austria, where I wanted to dive deep into the lives of the composers whose songs I played since I was a kidBeethoven, Mozart, Schubert & Haydn.

It was in an exhibit, surrounded by the tangible remnants of Beethoven's life, where I experienced the profound impact of his hearing loss. It’s one thing to read about it, but standing right where he composed some of his work gave me a visceral connection to him and his music.

I was in tears as I listened to Ode to Joy realizing that he had been deaf for several years by the time he finished composing this song.

Songs like Ode to Joy and Fur Elise… songs that all our Foundation 1 students can play almost so instantly. Songs that I teach on a regular basis suddenly took on a whole new life and meaning when I stood right in a city where he wrote these songs – all while suffering from hearing loss.

That trip gave me a fresh perspective and reminded me of the immense power of music and creativity to transcend human limitations. It was also a blessing to share that moment with my husband Lee and my parents.

Juggling multiple hats!



- Kat

Another highlight this year is growing into the vision that beats within my heart – TO HELP 1,000 STUDENTS DISCOVER THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF MUSIC.

Each day felt like I was learning a new role as I was building the infrastructure to support this massive vision. It felt like I was wearing more hats than a hat store!

From teaching, creating extra fun things for students, digital marketing, managing social media, website designing, being the IT person, hiring and managing people, keeping my financial books in order – you name it, I feel like I’ve done it.

I honestly think CEO stands for CHIEF of ENDLESS OPERATIONS - always juggling a million things at once. Sure, I’m the owner but I’m also the janitor, the tech support and the coffee maker.

Speaking of new roles, I finally stepped into my goal of being a public speaker this year. I got to share a topic I’ve been writing and researching on for the past two years - the SOUNDTRACK TO SUSTAINED SUCCESS.

I shared on why learning how to play a musical instrument is a very unique activity that teaches us specific life skills which paves the path to sustained success.

It’s been a crazy learning curve, but here I am, still standing! One thing is for sure, I’ve discovered even more that resilience is needed when pursuing a passion.

This year’s first in person meet ups!

Amidst the growing pains, and stepping into new roles, the most beautiful part of this year has been the opportunity to embrace my students and their families in person.

Visited student Ronoy and family in Burlingame, CA! (Still dreaming about that delicious dinner!)

After years of connecting online, meeting face-toface and spending time in your homes has been an incredible blessing. The connections we’ve created and the relationships built through music are treasures I'll always hold dear to my heart. For those I haven't met face-to-face yet, I'm genuinely looking forward to that day when our paths cross.

Visited students Sloane, Addie and family in Venice, FL. Time together was quite short but very sweet!

Classmates Monick and Juliana met for the first time!

Students Gianna & Giuliette from Texas came to visit me in LA!

Visited students Nishita, Parnika and family in San Ramon, CA. I learned that bhujia is the BEST SNACK!

Classmates Liam and Morgan met for the first time!

Looking ahead, there are exciting plans on the horizon. I am thrilled to introduce the Music Immersion Program because I recognize a need in our learning journey and I want to bridge that gap.

This program is not just about musical growth; it's about fostering character. I truly believe that being in piano lessons is more than just learning how to play the piano.

There is a unique opportunity here to develop music as a lifelong companion and through that, my hope is that students grow into amazing individuals who understand what it means to be committed, consistent, creative, compassionate and confident.

While it's an invitation-only program for existing students, I hope that if you receive an invitation, you'll consider joining this transformative journey. More on that soon!

As we head into the final stretch of 2023, I want to express my gratitude to each of you.

Whether we've connected online or in person, you're a vital part of this musical family and I’m thankful for you.

I wish you the warmth of shared moments, the joy of music, and the promise of new beginnings. May the coming year be filled with harmony, growth, and endless possibilities.

Here's to the best remaining days of 2023 and the very best in 2024!

love and joy,


INVITE ONLY Music Immersion Program Coming Soon !

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours!

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