Moody March

I often call this month “Moody March” as it’s around this time of the year where I feel a lot of mixed emotions. I’m turning 40 in just a few days, which is such a significant milestone, and I can't help but feel a sense of reflection and introspection.

Even as I take time to remind myself of things I've accomplished so far, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness, nostalgia and, also anxiety--thinking of things I haven't done yet, all the goals I haven't reached, and all the experiences I've yet to have. Circling the sun once more on this wild ride of life always reminds me of how quickly time passes, and how much more I still want to use my life to impact so many people.

But I've come to realize that what matters most is not what I've accomplished, or the number of people I’ve reached, but more about the quality of the relationships I get to nurture in my daily life. Whether it’s through spreading joy & kindness or simply being there for others, I know that my presence in this world has made a difference, and if you can relate to this, then I’m reminding both myself and you that that is something to be proud of.



“a milestone that reminds us of our progress, potential and passing of time.

Let’s celebrate our life, embrace the unknown and keep living out our purpose!”

- Kat

One of the relationships that bring me the most joy and fulfillment is the relationship I get to have with my past, present and future students and families. Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor of watching you all grow and develop into amazing pianists and wonderful human beings.

I'm constantly inspired by your enthusiasm, your creativity, and your unwavering commitment to your growth. I love bearing witness to your musical journey and where it’s taking you.

Your love for music makes the world a better place and I’m thankful for each of you!

YOU are a GIFT!

Spring 2004 – Moved to the US to reunite with my parents. HUGE Milestone !

So, as I celebrate this milestone and look ahead to the future, I'm reminded of the impact that I can have through sharing the gift of music. Through music, we can express ourselves, connect with others, and create moments of joy and beauty that transcend language, culture, and age.

To all my students – thank you for filling my life with joy and love!

And to the world at large, I offer this gift of music, as a way to bring us all together and create moments of joy and connection that will last a lifetime. Let's continue to create beautiful music together and share it with the world!

love and joy,



Piano Spring Break 3/27– 4/2
Piano Challenge is still ON even with no classes for the week. Keep practicing and submitting your recordings on Tonara!

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