Main Takeaway

“Increase your Brain Processing Power.”

In a controlled study, researchers found that within just a few weeks of piano lessons, participants improved their multisensory process which has benefits for almost every activity we participate in – from driving a car and crossing the road, to finding someone in a crowd.

Main Takeaway

“Singing songs to babies can change their life."

Singing to babies helps them learn how to regulate their emotions, which is so important because it helps children deal with adversity. Children who don’t regulate well are lacking in resilience, and they may have problems later in life, like obesity, addiction, and aggression.

Main Takeaway

“Piano turned a hospital lobby as a peaceful place for Veterans.”

Piano in a hospital lobby helps Veterans improve their mood and clinical director, Dr. Williams said that they have witnessed miraculous transformations in Veterans who use music therapy as part of their treatment.

Main Takeaway

“Scientists explores how music affects different parts of our brain.”

An example of their findings: music increases neurogenesis in our hippocampus, allowing production of new neurons which improves memory.

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