Main Takeaway

“Want Smarter Kids? Teach Music, Not Coding – according to MIT”

A study conducted at MIT shows that understanding computer coding is not the same as language, math or logic. By contrast, it is teaching kids how to play an instrument that develop skills and brain power, related to language, math and logic.

Main Takeaway

“Learning music – an activity that involves every region of the brain.”

Children who take music lessons do better on reading and concentration tests. They also do better when auditory skills are tested such as “decoding speech against a noisy background.”

Main Takeaway

“Play music as a child and have a sharper mind in your later years.”

Study participants from Edinburgh and Lothian, born in 1936 who played a musical instrument showed detectable cognitive benefits over their lifetime which contributed to healthy cognitive ageing.”

Main Takeaway

“Does music change a child’s brain?”

John Iversen, a UCSD neuroscientist studying music, language and the brain shows compelling evidence that music can change a child’s brain for the better

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