We Help Kids & Adults

Play 20 - 30 songs in a year through our playing based, online group piano lessons.

Enjoy an Intuitive 

Playing Based Approach

We believe that EVERY child is naturally musical!

Our effective and efficient approach immediately connects students to their natural creativity and unlocks their innate musicality.  

Learn Through   Our Unique,   Game Changing Process!

Be a Part of a Global 

Community of Students

We believe that learning TOGETHER is better than learning alone!

Group learning improves performance confidence, observational & auditory skills, increases motivation, accountability and enjoyment.

Learn from

Anywhere, Anytime

We believe that lessons should be AVAILABLE to anyone anywhere!

Online learning provides flexibility to learn from home, which saves time and money from driving to lessons.  Some students take lessons even when traveling!

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A Guaranteed Transformative Experience!

Students look forward to class every week and they ENJOY PLAYING

Students learn valuable like skills such as  how to be COMMITTED, CONSISTENT & CREATIVE

Students develop  
CONFIDENCE from day one of lessons

Students learn how to practice EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY

Students gain NEW FRIENDS from around the world

Here are some of our students around the   US and other parts of the WOLRD!

Let us bring music to your home, where ever you are!

Why Most Students  Fail at Learning Piano

This Leads to...

Feelings of GUILT

Parents may wonder if they could have done a better job at keeping their child motivated.

Parents may feel their high hopes for their child’s musical journey wasn’t met and quitting feels like a setback.


Parents may feel frustrated if they invested time and money, only to see their child quit.



Feelings of RESENTMENT


The child may feel inadequate and doubt their abilities, not only in music but in other aspects of life as well.

Negative experiences with piano lessons can lead to resentment towards music or authority figures, such as parents or teachers.

The child may avoid situations that require skill development  or perseverance, fearing failure and judgement that they’re never good enough.


We can help students LOVE and ENJOY 
playing the piano which helps PREVENT kids from QUITTING within 
the first two years and INCREASE their 

My 8-year-old daughter now has a LOVE for PIANO & composition.

Still in LOVE with playing even after two years.

The teaching technique is UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE.

My son LOOKS FORWARD to piano lessons every week.

My daughter is only 6 and she's WRITING her own songs!

I LOVE the unconventional process and Jayda is learning FASTER from it.

I'm playing DOZENS of songs in just a FEW MONTHS of this innovative teaching model.

My boys LOVE to play the piano and now has a LOVE for MUSIC.

-Jess, Kaya's Mom

-Jenna, Lexi's Mom

-Julie, Mav's Mom

-Pier, Liam's Mom

Ksenia, Amelia's Mom

Carolyn, Jayda's Mom

-Tiff, Phoenix & Bryton's Mom

Monick, Adult Student

Mostly due to the STRUGGLE of consistent practice a home,

LACK of enjoyment with the learning process,

and DIFFICULTY learning the traditional way.
80% of children QUIT
within the first two years of lessons,

Most parents enroll their kids in piano lessons with the BEST intentions BUT

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